BIG boy!

We had a wonderful long weekend around here, and for the first time since school started back, I am going to have a really  hard time leaving my munchkin. 🙁 He’s just the cutest little thing EVER, and he is learning so much now! Just today, he got his first tooth (which I guess is where all the runny nose came from this week?), learned to “walk” holding onto his daddy’s hands, learned to drink out of a straw (from my cup of water at Gehngis grill), AND said da-da-da-da tonight! What happened to my little smiley lump?? He’s got such a big personality-he’s so good natured and fun to be with. He loves to be tickled, and he LOVES to play games. His current favorite game is to “pop off” when he’s eating, and look upside down at his daddy (who is sitting beside me) when I feed him. He will do it a million times-eat for a second, pop off, grin at Daddy, eat some more, pop off, grin at Daddy, wash, rinse, repeat. He thinks it’s hilarious! He loves to snuggle, especially right after he wakes up from a nap-he always want to bury his head into your shoulder. I could literally eat.him.up. I am soaking in every single moment of baby-ness right now, because I know I will blink and he will be starting preschool…..sigh…..why can’t he stay little forever?

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