Friday night girl’s night

Friday night Josie, Jack, and I went to my friend Maureen’s house (she teaches 4th grade with me) for a girl+kiddos night :), along with two of my other fellow fourth grade teachers, Jessi, and Megan. Maureen has a little boy, and Megan has 4 kids, so between the four of us, we had 7 kids, ages 6 months-7 years, stair stepping all the way down :). We had SUCH  blast. It was just a casual night with yummy appetizer type food, ice cream cake, lots of talking time for us girls, and lots of playing time for the kiddos. And the good kind of playing, too-nothing planned out, just dress up/cars/puzzles/Wii/running around like crazy/trains/climbing the bunk beds type of playing-that’s the best kind :). I loved getting to hang out with my sweet friends-they are some of the very best friends I have ever had-God truly blessed me when He placed me at GES among such wonderful people-I am so honored to work with such special people. Not many people are so lucky as to get to work with such good friends :). 


Wii time…

Caesar! This is Maureen’s “first child” 🙂

Jacob LOVES Jack 

Caleb is a future gymnast…

The whole crew….we were laughing, because all SEVEN of our children are as white headed as can be…. 🙂

Josie loves Jessi-they “discovered” that both of their names start with J, and they both love purple.

Candyland! This was Josie’s very first time to play a board game….

Jacob LOVES Angry Birds….

Josie finally wore out….and Caesar thought the couch looked like a good place to take a nap, too :). 

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