Jack’s 6 month pics (finally!)-the good, the bad, and the funny :)

So I FINALLY got Jack’s 6 month pictures edited, and so I thought I would share a few of my faces…good, funny, and the outtakes :P. OH, and he was all about the grandpa grin that day…don’t know what that was about, but it was super cute! Enjoy!

I was actually trying to get a shot of him in the bucket, but he wouldn’t stop grabbing at the grass and pulling the bucket over! 

Mom helped me out on these shots :)-thanks, Mom!

I wasn’t planning on getting any of my munchkins together, but Josie INSISTED in being in some of the pictures…..jealous, much? Ha ha! 🙂

I love this picture….I think it is just a glimpse into our future 😛

Just a quick one of my pretty girl, complete with stamp on her arm (this was her first day of preschool….)

I LOVE his eyes…

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