Sweet Josie

Tonight we were at Nana’s, and Josie was going to spend the night. She was already in her pjs, and just playing away, all set. Then Jake and I put Jack in the car seat, hugged her goodbye, and were walking out the door, until Josie said, “Wait! Jack has to stay, too!” We explained that Jack was still too little to stay, that Mommy still had to feed him in the middle of the night, but…she decided she wasn’t going to stay if her brother couldn’t stay, too. 🙂 I always talk about how much Jack loves his big sister…..but now it looks like she has fallen just as much in love with him :). Brother and sister love is one of the most amazing kind of loves, to me-don’t you think?

Conversations with Josie

Josie: I wish Jack would hurry and get bigger.
Me: Well, he’s getting bigger every day.
Josie: well, why does he have to get bigger so SLOWLY?

Josie: I like the little white baby goat at the zoo, he’s my favorite.
Me:Me too sweetie, I thought he was the cutest.
Josie: Mom, why do goats make beads when they poop?
Me: (trying hard not to laugh) I don’t know sweetie!
Josie: Mom, all goats poop.


Yesterday after church Josie, Jack, Jake and myself all went to the zoo. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, and it was perfect at the zoo. Not too crowded, beautiful weather, and all the animals were out roaming. This is actually the first time I’ve been to the zoo in a really long time that all the animals were actually NOT sleeping-they were up and about and fun to watch! 🙂 Needless to say, we had a great time :). 

Watching the red river hog

I still heart my Moby-Jack rode in it quite happily the entire time we were at the zoo 🙂

Jack had a leaky diaper, so we had a little nakey time at the zoo, too…. 🙂

The carousel is Josie’s favorite thing…

Grammy and Pappy night

Last night we went to Grammy and Pappy’s for dinner. I was supposed to be taking Kyle and Casey’s engagement pictures (they get married in November!), but Kyle had a stomach bug, so we had to postpone. We definitely still carried on with dinner though :). Mom fixed yummy potato soup and chili-I absolutely love “fall” food. I am LOVING this weather, too-absolutely perfect. 

Sportin her rain boots to go walk around with Pappy 🙂

Chad going four wheeling in his truck…

Watching “Lion and the King” (she will NOT be convinced otherwise that it is actually “Lion King”) with Pappy and eating milk and cookies…

Printing invitations!

Taking a floor nap…

Nomming on a Mum-mum…

Wearing a ball cap for the first time!!

(note:this video is just for the sound-you’re not supposed to be able to see anything)

Sometimes Josie can EXHAUST us with her constant chatter….but then she does something so sweet, so innocent, and I can’t help but smile-and I am reminded that this is such a short season in her little life-and I’m not going to wish even a second of it away :).

Explanation of the video-we were driving hone from church last night, when Josie exclaimed-“Momma! I see the stars! They are so beautiful!” and then she immediately launched into her rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. As I sat there listening to her little voice singing, how she doesn’t pronounce words quite correctly yet (because she’s 3 and not supposed to!), I realized that I don’t want her to grow up quite yet, and my heart just melted a little.