First day of preschool!!

Today was Josie’s first day of preschool. She was SO excited to be going, and I was excited and nervous for her at the same time. She was really ready for school, and I absolutely love being able to take her with me and having the exra time with her. She is attending preschool at my school-it is actually program geared toward special ed. preschoolers, but they have to have a certain number of mentor kids, too, so Josie is going to be one of those. She will go every Tuesday and Thursday. 

First day of school picture by the door.

Another picture-it was really too dark this morning to get any good ones, but I think they are okay :).

When we got to school, I went first to show her where her classroom is so that she would be comfortable when her teacher came to pick her up.

She was very excited to see her name on the board….

I absolutely loved bringing her to school with me this morning-she made my morning :). I can see Tuesdays and Thursdays quickly becoming my favorite days of the week….

Josie with her teacher, Mrs. Christy. She left right with her, already talking her ear off, just like she had been doing it forever-she didn’t even bat a eye!

This is where my camera failed me….this was going to be a really cute picture, but my camera would.not.focus!

This is Josie’s “interview” that her teacher did with her. I was SO proud, because she has never drawn a person before, so I LOVED seeing this one-definitely going in the baby book!

Her first worksheet-tracing letters :).

She had a blast today! When I asked her about her favorite part, she of course said going  outside. I DO have to remember to pack her sunglasses last time, because her teacher said that Josie said “The sun is too BRIGHT, I need my sunglasses!” as soon as they got outside. So one of the teachers let her borrow their sunglasses. 🙂 She didn’t really eat her lunch, unless you count an apple sauce and some yogurt as lunch 🙂 She named some other stuff she did, too-played dress up (“but you have to stay on the "tar- pet” when you dress up so the tlothes don’t get dirty") , played with the kitchen and library, etc. She was very excited she got to use a purple marker. 

I love having Josie come to preschool, and I know she is going to grow and learn so much this year! 

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