We had an….

awesome weekend around these parts! It was just a relaxing, fun, family filled couple of days. Saturday we got up and headed to the park, so Jake could meet a friend of his to play soccer. While the guys were playing soccer, I got to ride my bike (with Josie and Jack in the trailer) around, and we made a pit stop at the playground so Josie could swing. Jack even got in on the swinging action, AND he played in the dirt for the very first time :). 

He was VERY fascinated….

After we got done at the playground, we rode back over to the soccer field and hung out and watched Jake and Justin play. We even kicked the ball around some, too. 🙂 Jack loved getting to sit in the grass-he kept pulling it up, but surprisingly, he only tried to eat it once :). I LOVE that he is sitting up now-makes things SO much easier. 

My favorite people…..


After we all had had enough of the sun and the heat, we headed over to Painturo’s for lunch. If you have never been there, you need to remedy that problem immediately-it is quickly becoming one of our favorite restaurants! 

When we had all eaten our fill, we headed home and ALL 4 of us crashed for an awesomely  long nap….it felt SO good. When we all woke up, we decided to go visit Mom and Dad, because we hadn’t visited them in forever just to hang out. They fed us dinner 🙂 and Chad and Lesa even dropped by for a visit, too! It was great just to hang out down there for awhile. Plus, it kept Jake and I from doing ANY chores all day long, which is exactly what we needed-it had been too long since either of us had had a true day of rest. 

Today we churched, came home, lunched, took naps (just a short one for me, but…again! yay! two days in a row of naps NEVER happen)-well, Josie “rested” and Jack slept for an eternity….

(Jack “helping” me do laundry)

After naps I got busy….laundry (all done, AND folded, and put away!), built a castle with Josie girl,  cooked dinner, got dinner prepped for tomorrow, watered ferns, kiddos to bed, cleaned kitchen, made some carrot baby food to freeze for Jack, lunches/bags packed for tomorrow, cleaned the bathroom, got a shower…..and now…to bed I go, so I can be ready to start the week in the a.m. :).

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