3 years, 2 months


My BIG girl….no baby anymore, at all….Here’s what you’ve been up to this month….

-You are working on writing your name by yourself. You copied it a couple of times, and also traced it when Mommy wrote it. 

-You named one of your baby dolls “Windshield.” Very unique!

-Mommy and you finished reading your second Junie B. Jones book-you really like them, and you do great paying attention even though there are no pictures!

-You learned to shuck corn with Grammy and Pappy.

-You went to your first (and second, and third) ballet/tap class. You were SO excited, especially about your tap shoes, and you LOVE your class. You are always so happy to put your leotard and shoes on. You are so sweet dancing-very girly :).

-You have started talking with your hands a lot-especially when you are describing something you don’t quite know the word for.

-Someone gave us a Christian kid’s musical CD-“The Great Race” that you are OBSESSED with. You want to listen to it every.single.time we are in the car. You start asking me to turn it on before we ever get to the car! You even know a lot of the words-especially the speaking parts. 

-You never.stop.talking, from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep (sometimes you even talk/sing yourself to sleep!)

-You have started boycotting naps…you will lay there, in bed for over an hour and never go to sleep!

-You love watching cartoons with your Daddy…that is a special treat for you sometimes. 

-You are being more and more loving with your brother. You like him more now that he is eating real food, sitting up, and playing with toys. He loves you, too-he ALWAYS smiles for you. 

-Favorite foods right now-ANYTHING sweet, especially ice-cream; fruit-cantoulope, grapes, apples; ABC spaghettios, drinkable yogurts, raw veggies (carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes)

-Favorite toys-doll house, baby dolls, STUFFED CATS-you have 4-Josie Cat Fentress, Peeper, Fluffy, and Baby Cat (sometimes known as Roxanne)

-You also LOVE art projects-your favorite thing to do is paint on canvases-you would do this every day if I let you. 

-We went school shopping for your school supplies, so you can stat going to preschool with Mommy next week. You are SO ready to go to school. 

-You moved up to the 3 year old class at church. You love everything you do in there, and always come out singing and saying a new memory verses.

You are growing into such a smart, sweet girl-I only pray Daddy and I can help you grow into the wonderful young lady I know you can become. I love you. 

Love, Mommy

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