I survived!

Well, I survived my first “official” week back at work. And it wasn’t too bad at all! I was DEAD tired last night, but after a good nights sleep last night (the boy is on a roll of only waking up once-woo hoo!) I woke up feeling refreshed. I was never really stressed this week, just absolutely more busy than I’ve ever been in my life-I literally did not stop once, from the time I woke up, until the time my head hit the pillow, every.single.day. I rush to get us all ready in the mornings (and still have only managed to leave the house with my hair dry twice), get to school, get my room ready, teach, pump on my break (and grade papers at the same time), teach some more, pump through my lunch (while I’m eating), teach some more, clean up my room and get ready for the next day, rush to Nana’s to feed Jack, go home and immediately start cooking dinner, clean up, bathe kids, put kids to bed, then get stuff ready for the next day-wash pump parts, pack lunches, lay out clothes, etc.; do whatever school work I need to do or blog, sometimes pump if I did not “beat” Jack that day, and FINALLY go to bed, way too late. Woo! Makes me tired just to type it all! 

All that being said, it was NOT a bad week. I truly enjoy teaching, and our crazy schedule will work itself out, and it will get better. (Especially as Jack gets older and is eating less!) Also, I was happy to be there. The first week I went to work after having Josie, I bawled like a baby every day for at least 2 weeks. This time, I haven’t shed a tear. I kind of bad for saying that, but it is NOT that I love Jack any less, or miss him any less-I miss both of my kiddos like crazy! No, it is because I am totally at peace with my decision for going back this time. God has truly shown me why I am supposed to be at my school, teaching, instead of staying at home with my beautiful children. He is using me, every.single.day, and I am doing my very best to be purposeful and intentional for HIM in every word I say, and in all my actions while I am there. I am so grateful and blessed to know what my “job” is, what His will is for my life right now; I only hope and pray that I can be faithful in my task. 

Have I mentioned that I could never, in a million years, be at such peach with my decision to go back, and be as not stressed as I am to be back, without my awesome family? Because I have an AWESOME family. Mom and Dad watch the kiddos every Monday, which gives Nana a day to run errands/go to appointments, and give them some time to snuggle with their grand babies. And, while we are on the subject of Nana, have I mentioned she is a ROCK STAR? I mean, really. She has gotten Jack on a rock solid schedule in less than 2 weeks. She has him taking 2 awesomely long naps a day, and only taking one bottle during the day (so I can keep up with him, since I only can pump twice). Don’t worry, he also eats 2 meals of solids while he’s there, too-so he ends up eating every 2 hours, just one bottle! But anyways, she is a rock star, AND she spoils me rotten by fixing our breakfast every.single.morning. We are so blessed that our children get to stay with their Nana, and get loved on and spoiled rotten every day. 

I also could NOT have made it through this week without my awesome hubby. He has been SO helpful at home…cleaning up after dinner every night, helping with bedtime, taking Josie to a birthday party,  plus he had the day off on Friday-so he mowed, straightened the house, vacuumed, mopped, made the bed, and Febrezed the couches! The house smelled sooo good when I got home, and the best part was is that I didn’t have to spend all day today cleaning, since it was already done 🙂

Moral of this loooong post: I think I am going to be able to survive this school year….and better yet, I think I am also going to enjoy myself! 🙂

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