6 months!

Dear Jack, 

You are SIX months old today! You have been in our lives HALF of a year, although sometimes it seems like just yesterday that you were kicking around in my belly, or wiggling under my ribs. You’ve had a big month! Here’s what we’ve been up to….

-You tried lots of new foods….greenbeans, sweet potatoes, squash, oatmeal, avocado, pears, apples, Mum-mums, toast….you are not crazy about greenbeans, but you LOVE all fruit and oatmeal. You like veggies better when they are mixed with oatmeal. One of your favorite things is a frozen peach in your mesh feeder. You eat 3 meals a day….oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggies/fruit for lunch and dinner. You love drinking water out of your sippy cup, and you are even learning to hold it by yourself. You still nurse a lot, too!

-You LOVE nursing still. It is probably your favorite thing. You like to stick your hand in my mouth, grab my nose, pinch me, rub me…basically your hands are all over the place while you are eating. You also “talk” to me a lot when you are eating-so very sweet.

-Mommy went back to work, so now you stay with Nana during the day. She has you on an awesome schedule-you take 2 really long naps for her! You are doing great :). 

-You stayed with Daddy for the first time. You did great for him. 

-You stayed with Mee-Maw for the first time, and ate like a PIG!

-We went swimming in Ta’s pool, and you learned to splash. You are really interested in water now!

-You are such a happy little boy…you love to be thrown in the air, tickled, talked to, read to, your sister, standing up with someone holding your hands, Mommy “getting” your toes, and playing peek a boo. Your laugh is adorable and precious.

-You LOVE toys. Especially ones that make noise or have parts that move.

-You love walking in the walker at Nana’s-you can zoom around her kitchen! 

-You had your 6 month appointment. You are still itty bitty- 13 lbs, 24.5 inches long…. you are only in the fourth percentile for weight! You finally moved up to size 2 diapers, but you are still in 0-3 and 3 month clothes. 

-You took a (several now!) bath with Josie in the big bathtub-Mommy sat you in your Bumbo. You LOVE to splash in the water and watch Josie play. 

-You have finally decided that the carseat is NOT, in fact, an instrument of torture. Woo!

-You have learned to sit on your own! You are still pretty wobbly, but getting steadier with each day. 

-You STILL do not sleep well at night. 3-4 times of waking is the norm…..Mommy is sleepy! (although, you have only woken up ONCE  the last two nights-I hope this is the start of new things to come!)

You are sweet, cuddly little bundle of joy. I could just eat you up every.single.day. I miss you when I go to work, but I love coming home to your smiling face. You always want to cuddle and eat (even if you have just eaten!) right when I get home….it’s just your way of telling me you missed me :). I love the cuddle time just as much you do, too! Even though I would like to keep you little forever, part of me also cannot wait to see how much you will grow and change in these next few months to come…..

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