Last week was, of course, my first official week back at work. It wasn’t too bad at all! Jack did wonderful with Nana (and Josie did, too, of course) and it seems like I am going to have a pretty good class. I have tried to get very prepared this weekend for this coming week, so I don’t get too stressed out. I stayed a little bit extra on Friday to make sure my classroom was all ready for Monday morning and my plans and copies were prepared for the week (although I ended up bringing a little bit of stuff home-not too much, though). This weekend I made my meal plan and grocery list, shopped, made Jack some more baby food to freeze, did some laundry, and vaccuumed. I can’t stand to have a crazy house-it stresses me out! Tonight while  I was cooking dinner, I also prepped meals for the rest of the week. I now have 3 meals in the freezer/fridge, ready to just throw in the oven/crockpot with little-no preparation. I also cut up veggies for the week, and made myself pasta salad to take to school-I even divided it up into little bowls so I can just grab one each morning. 

I can stand for school to be a little overwhelming right now, as long as my house and other parts of my life are NOT. So I am going to try to stay organized and prepared at home, that way I don’t get too stressed out :). 

The only thing I am worried about right now is pumping-the logistics, and hoping I can pump enough to keep up with the Jack man. Hopefully that will all work out just fine. I love breastfeeding, and I am definitely not ready to give it up yet! I don’t think I will have to, though :).  That is one reason I have such a big freezer stash! 🙂

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