Today was Josie’s first ballet/tap class. She was SOOO excited. She couldn’t wait to put on her “lady-tard” (one of the many things she called her leotard today…I’m not sure she ever said it correctly!) and slippers. Then when we got there, she wanted to go to class right.this.second. We were early, and she was SO enthralled by everything :). Oh, they have PURPLE carpet, so you can only imagine the excitement that caused. She was beyond thrilled to put on her tap, shoes, too :). She went right into class like she had been doing it for years, not shy at all (which is little unlike her-normally she is a little bit hesitant to try new things!). I couldn’t watch the whole class, just the last 10 minutes-but when we got to go watch, she looked right at home-sitting on her flower pad, listening really well, and smiling the whole time! Her teacher said she listened really well, too. Needless to say, I think ballet lessons are definitely a go! 

Some pictures of my little ballerina:

(This is just a quick picture I snapped with my phone of the end of her class-they got to run around with scarves-she skipped-she is SUCH a girly girl!)

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