This past Thursday, my brother Chad graduated from the Metro Nashville Police Academy. He is now the third generation of Metro policemen in our family. Of course, we all showed up to congratulate him. He got the Top Gun award in his class-he was  perfect shot, every single day on the range :). Pretty awesome, huh? After the graduation, Chad and Lesa invited us all back to their house for dinner and cake. Yumm!!! 

Of course, I had to get pictures….although, funny story. On Thursday, I got all the way to the church where the ceremony was being held, and I realized I had forgotten my camera! Now, this wouldn’t be the end of the world, but nobody else brought their camera, either, because they just assumed I would have mine like always! So I felt horrible, of course. Enter: awesome hubby. Jake was actually meeting us at the church from work. And him, being the most awesome husband in the world that he is, drove all the way home first, grabbed my camera, and made it back to the church just as the actual “ceremony” part of the night was starting :). So these pictures are all thanks to Jake! Now, warning: the lighting was HORRIBLE inside the church, so the pics of the ceremony are not that great….

Getting his certificate from the mayor…

Getting his badge from Daddy with the mayor and the Chief of Police

Getting his Top Gun award

Lesa pinning on his badge…

3 generations of Metro police officers…

Giving Chad his card….

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