Baby Food

Yesterday I made and froze lots and LOTS of baby food. I really have a lot of fun making it :). 

I was interested to see how much money I was saving by making it (or if I was even saving any money at all!) So here’s how it turned out. 

I spent $16.50 at Smiley’s Produce stand in Ridgetop. I got:

8 zucchini

7 squash

10 peaches

After I cooked, blended, and froze it, I ended up with-

40 cubes of zucchini

34 cubes of squash

55 cubes of peaches

(1 cube = 1 oz of food)

I looked on Amazon to see how much that would cost me if I were to buy Gerber 1st foods baby food, using my subscribe and save membership (the cheapest price I’ve found). There, I found that for squash AND peaches (they don’t make zucchini baby food, so I just used the price for squash), the price averaged out to be $.20 per ounce. I made 129 ounces total, which would have cost me $25.80-so I saved $9.30! Awesome! Definitely a good incentive for continuing making my own. Although, I think I would’ve kept making it, even if I wasn’t saving money! 

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