Today we had such a fun, relaxing family day. This morning Jake was meeting a friend to play soccer at Moss Wright, so we all rode along. While they were playing, I stuck Jack in the Moby, put Josie on her bike, and let her ride all around the park. She did great! We stopped at the playground to swing. Josie liked the idea of going down one of the slides, but wouldn’t execute it. Our daughter is a chicken. Which is totally okay with me. 🙂 Then I let her ride back around to where they were playing soccer. There was also a soccer tournament going on. Josie was fascinated with watching the kids play, and she decided she wanted to play soccer, too. Right then. Like, she didn’t understand why she couldn’t run onto the field with them. 🙂 Maybe we will sign her up in the spring if she still wants to play….

After we left the park, we went to Academy to shop a bit, then to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and milkshakes (I had coupons for free milkshakes! Awesome!) We were going to head to Target after, but Josie and Jack were both needing naps, so we just decided to head on home. They both fell asleep, and stayed asleep when we got home-so Jake and I got to nap, too! Score! We actually all took a really long nap-until after 6:00! Then I got up, cooked a yummy dinner and we ate. Jack tried sweet potatoes tonight for the first time-I think we finally have a strong competitor with bananas for his favorite food!  Then I bathed him and put him to bed, let Josie take a shower (she can do this completely by herself now-she only needs help washing her hair!), and put her to bed. Now Jake and I are just relaxing on the couch, something we haven’t gotten to do in forever because we have been trying to get our room finished!

Our day, in silly cell phone pictures….

Not going down the slide…

Jack started a new game at Chick-fil-A. Jake was holding him, and he would sit up for a little while, then all of a sudden lean back, look at Jake, and smile. Then he would sit back up, and start the whole thing over. It was SO CUTE. He is getting to be so much fun!

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