3 years + 1 month

Dear Josie, 

When I started these letters, I wasn’t sure how long I would continue them. When you turned two, I figured I would be done by the time you turned three. But now that you are three, I have found you are still learning, growing, and doing so many new things and saying so many funny things, that I can’t stop recording now! Maybe I’ll never stop. 🙂

You had an exciting month-

-We went camping at Willow Grove for 10 days. You loved every second of being outside, playing with your “tids,” swimming (even though the water was freezing), riding on the boat, and riding on your bike. You learned to pedal your bike really well-we had to jog to keep up with you! You even learned to stand up to pedal. You got to tie dye a shirt (purple, of course) and you painted rocks with your “tids.” (purple, of course)

-You are somewhat obsessed with the color purple. Seriously.

-You had your three year old well check. You are 31 pounds (78th %tile) and 37 inches (61st %tile). 

-You got your ear tubes out!

-We went to Pottery Barn Kids so you could spend some of your piggy bank money. You picked (another!) stuffed cat. You LOVE cats. This one is named Fluffy. 

-We celebrated the Fourth of July at the Johnson’s. You played with sparklers and fell asleep during the fireworks. 

-We went to the splash pad at Indian Lake with Mrs. Becca and Greyson. You were hesitant at first, but ending up having a blast!

-We went to the zoo with the Hall’s. You and Addie have so much fun together. 

-You helped Mommy make cupcakes to take to church. You picked out the batter (yellow) and icing (chocolate), poured the ingredients in the bowl, cracked the eggs (for the first time~and you did a good job!), and even got to use the mixer. You had a blast, and then you loved getting to add the sprinkles, too. 

-You can take a shower all by yourself. Mommy just helps you wash your hair. 

-You ALWAYS want to say the prayer before we eat. You always say the same one, too-something you came up with yourself- “Thank you for the day and thank you for all the family. Holy name, Amen.”

-You can say 10 memory verses.

-Some more funny things you say: “It hurts my feelings when….”; “It’s a beautiful day to be ______ (insert whatever we happen to be doing)” (you say this if it is sunny, raining, or whatever); “Why?” (about EVERYTHING); “What’s that I smell?”; “I know…”

-You like to pretend we are at church, and you are the song leader and preacher.

-You still love to sing and dance. 

-You like playing with your doll house and your babies.

-But stuffed animals are definitely your favorite toy. Especially all your cats. 

-You have decided you would like to play soccer. Immediately. 

You are such a big girl now! Every day you say something new, or we discover you can do something else “all by myself.” I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us! 

Love you baby girl,


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