Maddox update!

I heard a great report for Maddox today. 🙂 Last night they took the cool cap off of him. Since then, he has stopped having the tremors he was having, he has sneezed, coughed, pooped, sucked on a paci, had a bath, and Heather (his mom!) finally got to hold him. They also have taken him off all of his IV meds except for one, and that one they are slowly taking him off of. Please keep your prayers coming, though, because tonight they will do his MRI to assess the damage to his brain. The family will find out the results in the morning, so keep them in your prayers, too. You can pray specifically that Maddox does not have any damage to his brain, and for the family during this stressful, and I’m sure, sleepless, night. 

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