5 months old!

Dear Jack,

My little man is 5 months old today! Time is flying by, and you are getting so big, so fast. You have had a really exciting month…..

-You went camping at Willow Grove for 10 days. You were not really a sleeping in the camper, but you LOVED being outside so much. It was hot, so you got to try water from Mommy’s cup at a restaurant and her water bottle on the boat-you loved it!

-While we were camping, you got stung by a bumble bee on your hand! You started having a reaction, so you also got your first visit to the ER (in Livingston).

-You have found your toes! (finally)

-You have DEFINITELY found your voice-you yell, babble, and talk all the time. I love your sweet little voice.

-You started solid foods-we tried rice cereal for about 2 weeks…and you hated it. So finally we started REAL food-and now you are an eating machine! You have tried bananas, carrots, peas, prunes, and peaches, and have loved every.single.bite. I think your favorite food is bananas, though. You eat a TON, too-twice a day. A typical supper for you is 2 cubes of veggies, plus 1 cube of fruit (or a half of a banana!) mixed with 2 tbs rice cereal and an ounce of breastmilk-and you will eat every bite! 

-You talk the entire time you are eating….and fuss if we don’t get it in there fast enough!

-You also started drinking water from a sippy cup-you do a great job!

-After camping you weighed 11 lbs, 7 oz…then we started food. Ten days later, you weighed 12 lbs, 8 oz! Food is good for you :). 

-You are wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothes, size 0-1 shoes (still) and size one diapers (still). 

-After we started food, you had one night that you slept from 9-4:20…..but that was only one night-you normally wake up 2-3 times still. 

-You LOVE receiving blankets…you love to sleep with them tucked beside your face (or ON your face). This makes Mommy super nervous, though, so you only get to for nap times. 

-You are DONE being swaddled….you always break out of it, and fight it. 

-You can smack your lips, and you will do it back if someone does it to you. 

-You are super ticklish-especially on your ribs. Your sweet laugh absolutely melts my heart. I love seeing your little dimples, too. 

-You think it is HILARIOUS when I change your poopy diapers-you are such a boy already!

-You are a very good natured little boy-basically the only time you cry is if you are hungry, sleepy, or in your car seat (you HATE your car seat….). You are always smiling, giggling, and talking. You love it when people talk to you-you always “flirt” back. 

-You adore your sister-you watch her like a hawk!

-You love to look at books, and you are very interested in toys now, especially ones that rattle and are good for chewing. 

-You are really trying to sit up-you are getting more and more steady every day!

-You finally rolled from your back to your stomach while we were at Grammy and Pappy’s house. 

-You “splashed” your feet in the fountains at Indian Lake.

-You got really excited about the goats at the Nashville Zoo. 

-You are super cuddly, and probably your favorite thing to do still is nurse. You like to use Mommy as a pacifier (since you won’t take yours hardly ever…). But I am okay with that, because you are only this little once! 

I love you so much little man, and I am so excited (and sad at the same time!) to see how much you are learning and growing. I love seeing your little personality develop more and more-you are such a precious little boy, and I fall more in love every.single.day. I could just eat you up! I can’t wait to see what this next month has in store for us!



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