Play date!

Yesterday we had a great day with some friends of ours, my friend Becca, and Josie’s friend G. We started off the day at the library, where they were having an inflatable water slide day. I was skeptical that Josie would even get in the inflatable, much less go on the slide, because she usually HATES inflatables…..but she proved me wrong! 

Waiting nervously in line with G

Getting up enough nerve to actually slide

Sliding (albeit with a TERRIFIED look on her face….)

I did it Mom!

G’s turn (he dashed down, several times, no hesitation at all) 🙂

After we got through at the library, we all headed to Josie’s favorite place, TACO BELL, to eat lunch. 

When we got through eating (and after our 20 minute bathroom ordeal of changing a diaper and taking two toddlers to potty), we headed to the Indian Lake shopping center in Hendersonville. They have fountains in the center of the shopping area, and in the summer those turn into an awesome splash pad for the kiddos. We had planned to take Josie and G on another day, but got rained out. Since they were already in bathing suits and the sun was shining, we thought it would be a great day to go. The kids had an AWESOME TIME running and splashing!

Jack even cooled off a bit…..

After we were all splashed out, we ran into Barnes and Noble to change, let Jack eat, and cool off for a bit.

Mrs. Becca read the kiddos some books, and then they played with the train table. 

When we were cooled off, it just happened to be happy hour at Steak and Shake…milkshake, anyone? Of course! So we headed over for some half price milkshakes. I forgot to get a picture, but lets just suffice it say that it was good :). 

Here’s a couple of more pictures of Josie in the awesome watermelon outfit Ta made her for her birthday 🙂

Definitely a Josie face!

All in all, a wonderful day hanging out with some of our good friends. I’m trying to squeeze as many of these days in before I have to go back to school! 

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