Fourth of July Fish Fry

Last night we went to our annual fish fry at the Johnson’s. It was a great night-great food (my strawberries were a hit!), good friends, swimming for the kiddos, and fireworks to top off the night. I was afraid Josie might be scared of the fireworks, because she is sometimes skittish about loud noises, but she wasn’t at all. In fact, she fell asleep in Shshr’s lap during the fireworks! I don’t know how she managed that one….

Just thought I would share this picture since this is what I do with so much of my day…NURSE Jack!

Josie girl


Ella and Iz

Jack and Grammy

Thanks Mr. Chester!

Cooper, Carson, Morghan, and Claire

Beth, Sydney, and Katie Ann

Swimming! (She eventually got in the big pool, too-but she played in this one forever!)

My two favorite boys…

Josie and Caroline (they were comparing swimsuits)

Sweet Annsley in her tutu bathing suit 🙂

Happy Birthday Shshr!!

Almost time for fireworks….


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