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It has been a few days since I posted, but not for a lack of stuff to post about! I have had several blog posts running through my head, I just haven’t been able to get on here to type them! So here is a recap on the last few days….

-Thursday I took Josie to the ENT. Dr. E recommended I take her, because he was concerned that her tubes still had not fallen out. The ENT agreed that they needed to come out, so they went ahead and did it. I didn’t realize it was so easy to take them out! Josie was very brave, and it only hurt her while they were doing it (about 5 minutes total). I was so proud of her for being so good for them. 🙂 We go back at the end of this month to make sure they have healed well :). 

-After the ENT, we met my friend Mel and her little boy Jude for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and shopping at Green Hills Mall. It was great to see them, and fun to see the boys together (they are only a month apart!). Josie got to take some of her piggy bank money and pick out a toy to buy at Pottery Barn Kids. She picked (another!) stuffed cat. I was NOT surprised-she is mildly obsessed with cats these days :). 

Josie and Jude-Josie is proudly showing off her new cat 🙂

Sweet Jude….I wanted to get a picture of Jude and Jack, but Jack was totally passed out in the Moby at this point. 

Me and my sweets

-Jack has a new goal in life-to eat us out of house and home! He has taken food and ran with it! Seriously, he eats a massive meal two times a day. Every morning he has a ½ mushed banana mixed with 2 tbs rice cereal and an ounce of breastmilk-and he eats every.single.bite. Last night we started carrots, and he ate about 1.5 oz of carrots mixed with 2 tbs rice cereal and oz of breast milk, then almost a ½ of mushed banana! Then tonight he ate all of his cereal/carrot mixture, then ate another 1.5 oz of carrots by themselves! He just NEEDED to start eating real food.  He is still sleeping great at night now, napping well, and he is just happier all the time now :). He is FINALLY getting full. 

-I finished one of my summer goals today: painting my foyer red. I have always wanted to paint a room red, but have been to chicken to do it. Well, not anymore! I love it :). 

-We had an awesome, lazy day all together at home today. I made Jack some carrots baby food to freeze (more on this later!), finished painting the foyer, and did some laundry, but other than that, we just hang out. We even all got a nap in together. 🙂 Tonight after supper we made a quick Sonic run for ice cream. 🙂

Josie picked out her own outfit today….

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