Baby food

I have decided to make my own baby food this time around. With Josie, I was just too overwhelmed and stressed with all of her feeding issues, so I ended up just buying all of hers. But with Jack already trying to eat us out of house and home, I think it will be wise for me to make it myself. It is cheaper, and plus I am having so much fun with it! He has already been eating homemade banana baby food-seriously the easiest baby food to make ever-I just mash up a banana with a fork when he is ready to eat it :). I had bought just a couple of jars of regular banana baby food, and he ate those well, but when I gave him a regular banana, he GOBBBLED it up. It just has more flavor :). 

My first real baby food I attempted was carrots. Friday I had just a few carrots to make him, so I went ahead and cut them and steamed them: 

then stuck them in the blender:

This made just enough for a couple of meals.

Carrots were Jack’s first veggie to try…..and he loved them! 

I tasted them, though, and I didn’t think they had a lot of flavor. So today I tried a different method when I was making him some to freeze. I cut the carrots, wrapped them in foil, and baked them for about 45 minutes, THEN blended. I tasted these, and they were MUCH better-all kinds of flavor! So baking will definitely be my method of choice for carrots. 

After I blended the carrots, I put them in ice cube trays to freeze:

Later, I will pop these out and put them in freezer bags. One cube equals about an ounce of food. 

Before I froze these, I took out enough for a couple of meals for Jack to eat tonight and tomorrow…or so I thought! He LOVED the carrots tonight, even more tonight, and ended up eating all of his carrot/cereal mixture, and then the rest of the carrots by themselves! We are just amazed at the amount of food he’s eating, and how well he’s doing with it. He is one hungry boy! 

Some pros of making my own baby food:


-I can make it as thick/thin as I want it. I prefer to make it pretty thick, without watering down much at all. Then I can thin it with breast milk when I give it to him, which makes it better for him anyways :). Store bought is SO watered down, it is hard to even feed them. 

-I know exactly what is in the food! Plus, since I don’t water it down much at all, he is getting more actual food. 

-Homemade baby food has much more flavor than the jarred stuff! Plus, when he gets older I can start adding spices to make it even better. 

-I can make a lot of different varieties of stuff that you can’t buy in jars. I am really excited to try out all kinds of different foods! 

-Super convenient to have a stockpile in the freezer, instead of worrying about running out and having to go to the store. 

-It doesn’t take long at all-I always thought it would be so much work to make my own baby food-but I can just let it cook while I am doing other things, then the blending/freezing process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes :). 

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