A miracle….

happened at our house last night! Jack slept from 9:00-4:20!! AND then he went BACK to sleep until 6:00!! This has never happened around this house, so I am a bit excited. 🙂

Bedtime routine didn’t change last night, but he did eat 2 HEAPING bowls of cereal and bananas yesterday. One for breakfast, and one after we finished dinner. He ate every last bite, too. My “recipe” for his cereal is: 2 tbs rice cereal, half jar of bananas, and 1 oz breastmilk, all mixed together. So he ate ALL of that, twice, and also a little bit of bananas by themselves! He also drank some water out of his sippy cup :). Oh, and I forgot to mention that he took a 2 ½ hour nap yesterday afternoon, something else that never happens unless he is in his carseat (and even then it’s rare). So, I am not saying that cereal is helping him sleep better (yet)-but you better believe he is getting it again today!!

Well, I am off to go fix my little booger’s breakfast…

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