Family Vacation Photo Barrage…

No, really…..BARRAGE…..

Jack’s first time in our boat….he was really impressed….

Helping Daddy drive for the first time!


Hangin’ out with Pappy

Helping Daddy paddle Pappy’s new kayak

Hangin’ out in Grammy and Pappy’s boat…..this is where he spent a LOT of time this week 🙂

Playing in the rain…

Jack learned to smack his lips this week 🙂

Poor, swollen, bee stung hand 🙁

Jack’s fan club….. 🙂

Josie with some of her “tids”

Eating lunch on the boat…



In case you’re wondering, YES, they did eventually turn over…. 🙂

Ring around the rosie…..

Katie Ann came to eat dinner with us one night….Jake and I were CRACKING up at their conversations….

Eating at Wisdom boat dock for lunch…

Jack watches Josie do EVERYTHING…I mean, like seriously studies her every move 🙂

Did I mention it rained?…a lot?

Tie dying shirts…we have decided to make this an annual thing-they had so much fun!


Bryce and Alec

Claire, Ella, and Morghan

Jack is doing some serious teething…and his teether of choice is anyone’s hands he can get near his mouth…. 🙂


Beth was hard to get a picture of, because she was ALWAYS underwater! 🙂

Josie LOVES Ella and Isabelle-they are such sweet girls!

Trying to get the annual boat picture with Grammy and Pappy….

Finally got one!

Lots of pretty sunsets…

This is how Jack spent a lot of time this week…..

Riding around with Ella

Josie LOVED this hat, and wanted it all week long. Nana gave her some money, and this is what she decided to buy :). She said, “I am so glad no one else buyed this hat ‘afore me! I was faster!” 🙂

Hanging out in Uncle Chad’s boat….

Fish dress from Mee Maw 🙂

All four of us, in one picture 🙂

Uncle Chad…

Casey and Kyle 🙂

Mom and Dad 🙂

Feeding the turtles!

My cousins 🙂

The boys..

The girls…

Feeding the ducks with Lesa….Josie LOVES her Aunt Lesa…

Justin and Jake

Taking “Josie Cat Fentress” (that is what she name the cat!) for a ride…

My big girl riding her bike in her tie dyed shirt 🙂

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