Happy Birthday Josie!!

I cannot believe my little girl is three years old! And she is definitely a little girl-there is nothing baby about her anymore! 

Dear Josie, 

You are THREE years old today!! Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you-you are becoming such a sweet, responsible, polite, sensitive, and funny little girl. You are full of life, and every day with you is such an adventure. You have such a bright personality-you can make people smile just by walking into the room. We have absolutely loved watching you grow from “baby” to “toddler” to “preschooler.” What a fun transition! I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us! 

Here is what you were up to in your very last month as a two year old:

-You went to the dentist for the first time and did an AWESOME job!

-Mommy learned that your hair is long enough to do a halo braid-and it looks so cute!

-You played on a slip and slide for the first time-but you had more fun playing in puddles than sliding :).

-You tried on flower girl dresses with Casey for her wedding. 

-We went to watch Pappy at the dog trials. You loved seeing all the dogs. 

-You went to your very first VBS at Hillcrest. You LOVED your teacher and your class and the songs ya’lll sang. You did NOT love the guy that was dressed up as a different Bible character every night-especially when he was wearing a skeleton mask! You don’t like anyone wearing masks!

-You had your very first swimming lessons with Mrs. Pam. This is the first time you have taken any kind of lessons, and you have done wonderful! You went from the first day barely being able to balance on the kickboard even with help from Mrs. Pam, to yesterday, swimming the whole length of the pool AND back, on your kickboard, completely by yourself!! We are SO PROUD of you for swimming so well! 

-You had your birthday party, complete with a pink princess puppy cake. 

-Some funny sayings: “okey dokey little chokey!” (because Mommy says “okey dokey artichokey”); “they have a play section!”

-Some of your favorite toys: Peeper, your stuffed cat; Ella, your crazy-haired baby doll; your new princess tent; your new dollhouse toys; your new art easel

-I would love to name some of your favorite foods, but I can’t, because I never know what you are going to eat/not eat-you are at a definite picky stage of your life! You still have a sweet tooth, though-you will ALWAYS eat sweets! 

-You also have a new found love for your pink blanket with your name on it-you sleep with it every night. 

-You started taking showers with Mommy on a consistent basis- I wash your hair, but you wash your body all by yourself, and you do a great job! 

-You love “Angelina Ballerina” and you can’t wait to start taking ballet lessons yourself! You dance around the house all the time! 

We love you so much, baby girl! We can’t wait to see you grow up, even though we would also love to keep you little forever :). 

one year…

2 years….

3 years!

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