Josie’s Birthday Party

On Sunday afternoon we had Josie’s third birthday party. I cannot believe I have a three year old…but that’s a whole ‘nother post. Anyways, Josie was SO excited about her party. She couldn’t even eat she was so pumped! We just invited family (because with just family, we had well over 30 people there!) and had cake and ice cream. The weather was beautiful-absolutely perfect for our outdoor party. I LOVE when Josie’s birthday is, because we can always just have her party outside on our patio. 🙂 So here goes the picture barrage:

Pink party balloons…she was SO excited about these!

Swinging on her new swing Nana got her….

Opening her presents only took about three hours…..Josie is a very meticulous present-opener-there cannot be even a piece of tape  left-or she won’t even look at the present!

Josie asked for two things for her birthday: a big girl swing and a princess castle. Nana took care of the swing, so we took care of the castle :). She was SO excited when I brought it out!

For months now, Josie has been telling Becca (my sister in law) that she wanted a “pink princess puppy cake.” She came up with that all on her own, and this is what Becca came up with-isn’t it the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?! The cupcakes had either a “3,” a crown, or a bone on them. The head was chocolate, the body was pink-colored vanilla, and the cupcakes were strawberry. Thanks SO much, Becca!

Blowing out the candles (or at least trying to…I think the wind got them before she could!

Enjoying her birthday cake at her new (antique) chairs and table that Grammy and Pappy got her!

The kiddos…

Playing in her new tent with Carley

Jack slept for about half of the party…but he woke up in SUCH a good mood!

Pepper, Josh’s dog, came to the party, too. Josie LOVES Pepper, so she was super pumped that Pepper got to come!

The girls, trying out Josie’s new easel that Josh and Jackie got her :). 

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