4 Months Old

My little munchkin is FOUR months old today! Time is truly flying-I want it to slow down!

Dear Jack,

You are 4 months old today. You have changed so much in the last month. You went from being just a little lump that laid there all day long, to being an active little munchkin with a voice and definite personality. You are full of smiles and laughs, and we just can’t get enough of your dimples. 🙂 Here’s what you’ve been up to this month:

-You stayed with Grammy and Pappy again and took a FIVE ounce bottle! 

-You had a weight check with Dr. E, and you were 10 lbs, 7 oz-just a tiny little squirt! You go on Monday for your 4 month well-baby check up-then we can see how much you’ve grown!

-You slept HORRIBLY for most of the month-like, you were up every single hour for a LOT of nights. Now that the month is drawing to a close, you are finally getting back on a normal sleep schedule, only getting up a couple a times a night-and Mommy is SO grateful. 

-You are finally out of newborn clothes, and are wearing 0-3 months. You can fit in a few 3 months outfits, but they are still pretty big. You still wear a size 0/1 shoe, and size 1 diaper. 

-You still eat at least every two hours (most of the time more than that!), pretty much around the clock, except for a long stretch at the beginning of the night. You are a hungry boy! You tried rice cereal for the very first time today, though, so maybe that will help when you get the hang of it. 

-You are SUCH a happy, chill little boy. You smile pretty much at the drop of a hat-you love people (anybody!) to talk to you. You coo sometimes-not very often, but it is super sweet when it happens. You cough when you get excited, and your giggle melts my heart. You ALWAYS laugh when Mommy changes your diaper-you think it is hilarious!

-You chew on your hands all.of.the.time. We definitely think you are trying to cut your bottom teeth!

-You are also beginning to like sucking on 2 of your fingers-it is SO very cute. And Mommy doesn’t mind, because you refuse to take your paci now, except if you are in your carseat. In fact, your paci makes you mad-it is like it offends you that we are even trying to give it to you!

-You are getting much better with your hands-you can hold onto lots of toys now, and you even try to grab things now. You love your toys! Some of your favorites are linky-doos, your meshy-ball, crab rattle, cymbal soft toy, and your rabbit lovey. 

-You are getting MUCH better at sitting in your Bumbo. In fact, you would rather be there than the bouncy seat any day! 

-You got to try lots of new things-the (outdoor) swing, the walker at Nana’s, the Johnny Jump-up-and you liked them all! I think you just like to be sitting up now. 

-Speaking of that, you LOVE to stand in our laps now-you stay that way most of the time someone is holding you! 

-You went camping at Dale Hollow Dam for the first time. You love sleeping in the camper!

-You love to play peek-a-boo.

-Your favorite way to fall asleep is with a blanket on your head. 

-You really don’t require much sleep. 

-You finally like tummy-time, especially up on the bed/couch so that you can see what’s going on. 

-You REALLY do NOT like your carseat. At all.

-You stayed with Nana for the first time-because Mommy had inservice. You did great!

-You got to go swimming in Mrs. Pam’s outdoor swimming pool-you really liked getting your feet wet. 

-You LOVE being outside-hands down, your favorite place ever. 

You are SO sweet, and I cannot believe you are not a “newborn” anymore. But, honestly, as much as I want you to stay little forever, it’s pretty fun watching you grow and change every day, too. 🙂



My happy boy, hanging out on the couch for some tummy time.

Eating cereal for the first time-you are already trying to grab the spoon!

Officially 4 months old, and smiling at your Daddy. 

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