Shoney’s 5K

Today was the Shoney’s 5K in Nashville. This is a race to benefit the Metro Police Department-all proceeds go to them. So of course, Daddy, Chad, and I ran in it. Chad had to run in it, with his class from the academy. They actually had to run in formation and “sing” cadences the entire race. Daddy was running with his K-9 group, and I joined them. Daddy and I, with his group, actually ran in formation right behind Chad’s class the entire race (except for the very end). That was cool, because it was really neat to hear them sing their cadences-made the race fly by! I was glad I was able to keep up with all of them, too. (Although they were running a pretty slow pace, to keep in formation). We had a great time! Mom and Lesa watched the kiddos for me while I ran, and Shshr took some great pictures with my camera-thanks, girls!! Definitely looking forward to running this race again next year! 

Josie with her very best friend in the world, Lesa. 🙂

Mom and the Jack-man.

Daddy and I with his K-9 group.

Chad with his flag-he was the flag bearer, so he had to carry it the entire time they ran! 

Chad with his class, getting ready to do their official warm-up-Chad is on the end, with the flag.

Grammy with her babies, watching Chad.

Stretching-Chad is on the far right, in the front.

Before the race.

The start! We ran in formation, right behind Chad’s class.

Chad at the front of his class, carrying the flag.

Our friend Alison was at the race, too. She did great-she got second place in her division!

Crossing the finish line-Chad, and then Daddy and I are in the background, too!


Chad and his whole class.

We stopped by Daddy’s office on the way home-Josei was thrilled to get to see where Pappy works! 

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