Memorial Day Trip: Friday and Saturday

So, no, I did not fall of the face of the earth….I was camping, of course! 🙂 This weekend we had a wonderful time camping at Dale Hollow Dam. I took a TON of cute pictures, and I want to share them all, so I am going to break this up over a couple of posts so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. 

Friday Jake worked from home so we could leave after lunch :). We packed up and were on the road by 1:00-perfect timing, because both kids (and me!) went to sleep, and didn’t wake up until we got there-we didn’t have to stop once! Once we got to the campground, we sat all of our stuff up real quick (which doesn’t take any time at all with our new camper!) and commenced having fun. 🙂 We rode bikes, talked with friends, and just generally hung out. Jack LOVED being outside so much. I even squeezed in a 3 mile run with Daddy.

Happy boy outside in his bouncy seat

Eating a yummy dinner of chicken spaghetti that I made before we left. 

He is ALWAYS chewing on something right now…

Saturday was HOT, so we decided to go to the lake with Mom and Dad on their boat. It was Jack’s first time on a boat, and the first time in his lifejacket. He did great! He wasn’t overly impressed with wearing the lifejacket, but he didn’t just hate it, either. He really only got fussy in it one time-and we were out the entire day! We rode over to Iron’s Creek, where we anchored (so we could take Jack’s jacket off) with Chad and Lesa, Shshr, Ta, Nana, and Justin. Steve and Laurie and the kids showed up, too. The water was COLD, but it was so hot outside that I jumped in a couple of times, just for a minute, to cool off. The cold water didn’t stop the kids at all, though! Josie thought it was WAY too cold-she didn’t even get all the way in! At the end of the day we went to to Sunset to eat dinner-very yummy :). Then we headed back to the campground to hang out by the fire. 

Very first boat ride….he slept… A LOT! 

Riding up on top with Grammy….

SOO nice….

Shshr’s boat

Mr. Steve, Mrs. Laurie, and all their grandbabies 🙂

Morghan and Bryce-the cold didn’t bother them at all!

Pretending to drive Chad’s boat

Josie LOVES Lesa….she would stay attached to her side at all times if I would let her!

Stylin in her “tow dirl” hat (translation: cowgirl)

At the dock, getting ready to eat

Pappy and his grandbabies

He did NOT want to be back in his lifejacket after dinner…

Chad’s boat

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