Jack FINALLY had a normal sleeping night last night!! I tried something new with bedtime routine. I broke the swaddle out again-I had been using the sleep sack instead of the swaddle for the past week, because the swaddle hadn’t seemed to be helping (NOTHING had, though). So anyways, I swaddled him up, and I broke out the lullaby CD I used to use with Josie, cranked it up pretty loud, and put it on repeat (on “All the Pretty Little Horses”, just in case you were dying to know) :). And…drum roll please…..He slept from 8:00-11:45 for the first stretch!!! Then he got up, ate, and I was able to put him right back down in his crib after I burped him. Then he slept until about 3:30 or so!  This time it took a little longer to get him settled back in bed, but it was because he had a tummy ache after I fed him. As soon as he was able to burp/spit up, he settled down, and even let me rock him and cuddle him-something he hasn’t been doing at night at all. Then he slept until 6:15, when he was up for the day-which was fine with me, since he slept so good! 🙂 

The only trouble we had last night was that when I got him up BOTH times, he had completely leaked out of his diaper and I had to change him-diaper, clothes, and swaddle. The first time the diaper was hardly even wet-I think it had just gotten twisted or something.

I feel so much better this morning, since I was finally able to get some solid stretches of sleep. For me, I ca totally survive on just a few hours of sleep, as long as they are together and not broken. The getting up every hour thing kills me because I can never get any stretch of sleep. So verdict is, I am going to continue to play the music at night, and hopefully it will keep working :).

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