Random list

So I don’t really have a whole post worth of anything to say, so here are just a random list of thoughts:

-Yesterday my friend Julie came over with her two kiddos, Addie and Gavin. We had an awesome day! The girls played, we corralled our two boys, and I taught her how to make bows. We had a pizza picnic in the living room, got the boys down for naps, and we actually got quite a few bows made! It was just a great day. 🙂

Watching Angelina Ballerina….

Such a  sweetie pie!!

  • Jack has been SO smiley and pleasant today. He has grinned and cooed and laughed all day long. Josie has been loving on him more and more. It is better for her now, because he will respond to her now when she talks to him, and he will almost always smile for her. And he listens to every word she says, with big eyes! She asked to hold him tonight, and I immediately said yes, because she doesn’t ask very often at all…and of course I had to take a picture :). 

My beautiful kiddos….

-I have been following this blog, Hairdresser on Fire, to get some new ideas on what to do with my mess of hair. The other day she posted directions on how to do a halo braid, and I decided that I just had to try it on Josie :). This was my first attempt, and I thought it turned out really cute, and it actually stayed up for quite awhile! I am definitely going to keep trying it on her-she LOVED it, and wanted me to do it again. I need to get some smaller/blonde colored bobby pins, though. 

-Tomorrow Jake and I are going to see Les Mis….to say I’m excited is the understatement of the year. I have been waiting for this play to come to TPAC for years!!! 🙂

Doesn’t Josie look like one of the orphans from Annie in this picture? She tracked in MAJOR amounts of mud last night, so I made her clean it up….she thought it was the best thing ever, because she got to use the vacuum all by herself-and she did a really good job!

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