SLEEP!!! Thank you, Boppy.

Jack has NOT been sleeping well at all-I mean, he has been waking up at least 5 times a night to eat for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes every hour. He definitely has not slept for more than a 2 hour stretch. I asked Dr. E about it yesterday, and he said that it is probably because he is on the very low end of normal in weight gain, so he is getting just the right exact amount of calories, so he needs those extra feeds at night to keep up with his gain. Which makes sense. But does not help either of us sleep. Dr. E also said that he would have us start cereal when Jack turns 4 months to help the situation. 

Anyways, I said all of that to say-I GOT A FIVE HOUR STRETCH OF SLEEP LAST NIGHT AND I FEEL LIKE A NEW PERSON!! I didn’t really do much different with Jack’s bedtime, same bedtime routine. But I remembered that he used to love sleeping propped up in his Boppy pillow. So I pulled it out, and put him on it to sleep. (I knew he would be safe, because he sleeps in his swaddle blanket and doesn’t move or scoot. And he didn’t last night either, even on the pillow) And he didn’t wake up until 3 this morning! And then went back to sleep until 5! After 5 he didn’t want to go back down in his bed, but he was satisfied to lay with me on the couch and doze/snack/doze/snack until about 7:45. So I was able to get some much needed rest last night, finally. I don’t know if the Boppy pillow made the difference, or if he just finally decided to sleep well last night. But you better believe I will be using the Boppy again tonight!! 

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