35 Months

Dear Josie,

You are 35 months old today, just one month shy of three years old. In just one short month, you will officially be a little girl and not a toddler or a baby anymore. Although you will always be my baby. 🙂

Here’s what you’ve been up to this month:

-You petted a pig! (Aunt Casey’s pig, Bentley) AND you rode one of Uncle Bill’s horses! 

-We went to Mee-Maw’s church to see her sing for Easter-you really enjoyed it :).

  • You had an Easter egg hunt with your cousins-you actually found several eggs all by yourself! You had more fun chasing your cousins around, though. 🙂

-We went to Pigeon Forge with Daddy on his work trip and you stayed in a motel for the very first time. You LOVED IT. Your favorite part, by far was getting to swim in the indoor heated pool! We went to the aquarium in Gatlinburg, too-you said your favorite part was the penguins. 

-You rode in the bike trailer behind Mommy’s bike for the first time….and you got in a really good nap. 

-We went to story time at the Nashville Public Library with Greyson and Mrs. Becca. We all had so much fun! 

-We also ate lunch with Mrs. Robin and her girls, Carolyne and Maddie.

-You ate a crab wonton and sweet and sour chicken at the Chinese restaurant-you have gotten much more adventurous all around with your eating! You will try almost anything once. You still love peanut butter sandwiches, milkshakes (from Sonic!), yogurt, chili, spaghetti, any kind of bread, grilled cheeses, french fries, and ANYTHING sweet-you have a sweet tooth for sure! 

-You are so prissy-you love wearing your dress-up high heels all over the house-you even sleep in them sometimes! You will pick a dress or a skirt over pants any day, and your favorite thing to play is “wedding." 

-One of your favorite things to do is to have "pajama days." 

-You have started talking in your own made-up language a lot-it drives us crazy, but you think it is hilarious. 

-You love music and dancing, your favorite stuffed animal is your cat "Peeper”, your favorite toy is probably any of your toy phones (you are constantly talking on one of them!), and you would let me read you books all day long. You play pretend ALL.DAY.LONG. Your imagination is limitless! 

-Your favorite color is purple. Hands down. 

  • You NEVER stop talking. You crack us up with some of the things you say- “that fits perfectly,” “I can’t hear you, I don’t have my hearing aid in!,” “No, thank you,” “How about that?” You seriously have bionic ears, and you never miss a beat. 

-One of your most favorite places to be is outside with your Daddy-you love being with him while he is working on the barn. You talk about your Daddy all day long, and can’t wait for him to be home at night. You really are a Daddy’s girl right now. 🙂

-You sleep talk and walk! Kind of scary for Mommy and Daddy! 

-You have 8 Bible verses memorized word for word, and we are working on the 9th. You say regular prayers now (not just memorized ones). You are already understanding SO much about God and how to have a relationship with him. It really is amazing. We are so very proud of you.  

Love you baby girl,


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