Fun days with friends

We have had two really fun days with friends. 

Yesterday we invited Josie’s friend Greyson and his mommy to go to storytime at the Nashville Public library. I have been dying to take Josie, because I had heard it was really good….and it was! It was seriously like a show you would pay money to go to-and it was free. There was singing, live music, reading, and puppets. And the theater that they have it in was really neat and kid friendly. I was SO impressed. Oh, and did I mention that their children’s section of the library is bigger than our whole library put together? Umm…yeah, I am totally paying the $50 annual fee to get an out-of-county card-definitely worth it-Josie, Jack and I can go to the library, and then go eat lunch with Jake. Perfect outing for the summer! 

Awesome theater and the librarian and musician

The kids loved it!

Sweet G

Jack really like it, too-there was tons to look at!

Looking out the HUGE windows in another part of the library…

After storytime, we walked over to SATCO (San Antonia Taco Company) for some lunch-YUM. It was such a fun day with wonderful friends-thanks Becca and Greyson! 

Today we went to lunch at The Depot with my friend Robin and her girls. Robin and I love our “girlfriend dates” ….even with kids in tow! They keep each other entertained, and Robin and I can do some catching up :). 

All of our blonde-haired girlies :).

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