3 months old (and 1 day)

Dear Jack,

You are three months old! Just like always, I cannot BELIEVE that you are already this old! You are so cute right now; I just want to keep you little forever.

Here’s what you have been up to this month:

-You visited Ta and Tommy’s house for the first time, and played on her swing.

-You had your 2 month checkup, and you were 9 lbs, 7 oz and 22 inches long. I think you are about 10, maybe 11 lbs now. You still wear size 1 diapers, and you are still wearing a lot of newborn clothes. You can fit into some 0-3 things now, too-they fit you great in length, but are still WAY wide!

-You noticed the TV for the first time- you like to watch it sometimes-it’s a good distraction tool for Mommy!

-You started riding front-facing in the Moby-and you love looking at everything!

-You started cooing; at first it surprised you when noise actually came out; now we can always get you to coo just a little when you are in a good mood.

-You LOVE sitting up like a big boy-in our laps, leaned against something, in your highchair at the table, etc.

-You stayed in the nursery at church with Mrs. Ashley for just a bit while Mommy was singing.

-We went to Mee-Maw’s church to watch her sing.

-You laughed out loud! (at Grammy, for the first time)

-You slept for an 8 hour stretch-once and only once. Generally, you still wake 3 or 4 times a night; most of the time you go to bed around 8 and are up for the day around 6 or 6:30.

-You had your first Easter-you looked really cute.

-You stayed in a motel for the first time at Pigeon Forge-you slept in your Moses basket and did great! You also got to “swim” for the first time in the indoor pool.

-You have started holding onto small toys and can even pass them from hand to hand sometimes! Your favorite toy is a squishy ball that rattles, and you also love your bunny lovey.

-You stayed with Grammy and Pappy for the very first time while Mommy and Daddy went on their first date since you were born. You slept most of the time and took one bottle from Grammy.

You are a very particular little boy-you have to be patted and bounced in just the right way. You love to chew on your hands, and you always smile when you are in the bath. You love to nurse, and you like to rub me and hold on to something while you are eating. You will “kiss” anyone who gets close to your mouth. You love to lay in our bed and watch the ceiling fan. You have the biggest, prettiest blue eyes. You are just a little, tiny, sweet bundle of pure joy and happy smiles.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much-when you are awake and smiling, we just can’t help but stop everything we are doing and talk to you. Even though I would be perfectly content if you just stayed little and precious forever, I love watching you grow and change, too.



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