Well, Operation get Jack to sleep was a fail. Although, I can’t say it wasn’t completely successful, because it was certainly better than the night before! He still woke up 5 times, wanting to eat every time (and yes, I tried paci, patting, rocking, shushing, and nothing worked except feeding). However, he did go right back to bed each time (except the last time) without a fuss. So that was easier. I still REALLY need him to sleep a bit better, though! He is not even going three hours between eating at night right now :/.  (He has even stopped doing his long stretch at the beginning of the night-last night he was up for the first time at 11:00-and he went to bed at 8:30…) 

I know I will get to sleep eventually, though. This is just a phase, as most unpleasant things with babies are. And I know, one day, I will miss getting up with my sweet baby boy and snuggling in the middle of the night. So I am trying hard not to take it for granted. (it is just a little harder at 2 a.m….)

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