Operation get Jack to SLEEP

is starting tonight! Jack has slept horribly for the past three nights. I mean, I probably have a combined total of about 9 ½ hours of sleep for the three nights put together. I am kind of getting to the exhausted point. He is going to bed just fine, but then once 12:30 hits, all bets are off. He just doesn’t want to sleep! All he wants to do is nurse, but I think it is for comfort, not for hunger. I am afraid he is teething. 

So tonight, we are getting serious. I gave him Tylenol before his last feeding, and then Jake bought a sound machine app for his Ipad and we put it in his bed. The app has a bunch of different sounds, but we put it on the “heater fan” noise, because he loves the heater fan in our bathroom. So hopefully, those two measures will help. Something’s gotta give, or I am going to turn into a walking zombie….

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