Mother’s Day/Birthday

I had a great Mother’s Day/birthday yesterday :). It was just a nice, simple day with my family-perfect. Went to church-great church service, and Jack actually let me sit through the whole service! After church we went to Nana’s for a Mother’s day/ my birthday/Justin’s birthday lunch. It was just a nice relaxing day of sitting on the porch, eating cake and just generally hanging out. I even got a short (much needed) nap in! I also got to use my birthday present Jake had gotten me (my bike). Jack hung out with everybody at Nana’s while Jake, me and Josie went bike riding-Josie got to ride in her bike trailer for the first time. We rode several miles around Nana’s neighborhood. It was great exercise, and Josie got a nap in her trailer :). We ended the day by going to eat at the Chinese restaurant in Greenbrier-they have a really yummy buffet! Josie ate way better than usual, too-she is getting more adventurous in her food-tasting again, which I am really glad about-she ate sweet and sour chicken, rice, AND a crab wonton!  I was so surprised she wanted to try to the crab-and she loved it! After eating, we headed home to get the kids in bed and Jake watched a girly movie with me :).

The very yummy and cute cake Ta got for me and Justin 🙂

Riding in her new bike trailer…

My two favorite boys…

Oh, too funny-I went upstairs to check on Josie before going to bed myself, and this is what I found: 

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