A date, a horse, and a barn

We have had a great weekend ‘round these parts so far :). 

Friday Jack turned TWELVE weeks! Can you believe that? I will do a full update this week, on the 11th, when he officially turns 3 months old. Lets just suffice it to say, I cannot believe he is already that old-he just needs to stop! 

Last night we left the little man for the very first time with Mom and Dad so that Jake and I could go on a date-the first one since before he was born! He did great, and it was SO nice to be able to eat a meal and carry on a conversation with my husband without having to stop to feed a little hungry man, or be interrupted by a certain 2 year old 72 million times….

Before we left last night, we were hanging out at Mom and Dad’s while we were waiting for Jake to get off work, and we decided to walk down to Uncle Bill’s because Casey was riding horses. She was getting ready for a show she had today, that she got THREE ribbons in-way to go Casey! 


While we were watching Wyatt ride, Josie threw us all for a loop and decided she would like to ride, too! She has always said she wanted to ride when we weren’t around the horses, but never wanted to get anywhere near them when she had the opportunity. But something changed yesterday, because she got right on that horse, with her Pappy “pulling” her (her words, not mine), and Aunt Casey walking beside her. She had a big grin on her face the entire time, and was so proud to tell everyone that she had ridden a horse :). 

I only wish I would have had my big camera! 

Today Daddy brought the tractor over so that he, Jake and Justin could drill holes and set the poles for the side portions of the barn. They worked really hard all day, and now all the poles are set! One step closer to the barn being completed :). Josie had a blast today, staying right beside her Pappy and Daddy all day long “helping." 

Just like her Daddy 🙂

Tomorrow should be a fun day, too-it is my birthday and  Mother’s Day! 

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