Yesterday I took the kids to visit at my school. This was the first time I had been since Jack was born, so I had a lot of showing off to do :). I was so happy to see everyone-I really miss my friends! My class was THRILLED to see me, which made me feel good-they really did miss me :). I was glad to see them, too-I didn’t realize how much I had missed them as well. You don’t realize how attached you become to some of your students in such a short period of time, but some of them really have a way of attaching themselves to my heart indefinitely. Now don’t get me wrong-I love all of them, and I don’t play favorites-but some of them just dig in a little deeper than others. And it is not the ones you would expect-not the cute, funny, straight A’s and best behavior ones-nope. It’s usually the ones (for me anyways) that are behind, or have horrible home lives, or are really mischievous, or are really needy, or are really shy….etc. It’s those students that God uses to teach me something-about myself, or Him, or the world. Those students are the reason I became a teacher, the reason I am okay with working instead of being a stay at home mommy with my babies. God has given me a gift-teaching-and it is those kids I am supposed to use my gift for. My ministry, my mission, is making those kids feel good about themselves. Letting them know that there is someone who cares about them-and it is not just me. Now, in a public school setting, that is a little more challenging-but not impossible. 

Woa…that is totally not where I saw this post going when I started writing it….but I am glad it did-because that is obviously something I just needed to say! 🙂 Being at school yesterday did give me very mixed emotions about coming back. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be at home with their kids all the time? (especially kids as cute as mine? :P)  But first and foremost, above anything else, I want to do what is God’s will for my life-not my will. I pray about it daily-that He would show me His will. And right now, I think His will for me is teaching-for those kids I was just talking about. 

Okay, enough of the heaviness….. here are some quick pics I snapped with my phone 🙂

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