Pigeon Forge trip

Last week Jake had a work trip in Sevierville, TN. They got each of them their own hotel room, so we decided to go along with him. 😛 I am so glad we did, because we had a blast! 

Tuesday Josie, Jack, and I met Jake at his work at 3:00 so we could head towards Sevierville. We weren’t sure how long it would take us to get there, because we had a 3 car caravan which included a 2 year old, a 2 month old, and a 3 month old. (Our friends Nick, Melanie and their son Jude came on the trip, too-Nick works with Jake). However, the ride went great! We only stopped once-at a Cracker Barrel to eat and feed the boys. 

Josie was so excited to get to the hotel-this was her (and Jack’s!) first time to stay in a hotel. We stayed at the Oak Tree Lodge. It was really nice, and even had indoor/outdoor heated pools :). 

Checking in-Josie LOVES Jude 🙂

Jack and Josie both slept great in their first night in a motel. Josie had a whole double bed to herself, and I took the Moses basket for Jack to sleep in. I was afraid that the time change would really mess with them, but it didn’t-Jack just kind of adjusted his schedule :). 

On Wednesday, while the boys were working, Melanie, Jude, my kiddos, Cathy (another lady that was with us), and I all went to the Tanger Outlet Malls that were right across the street from our hotel. They are really  good outlets-we all found lots of good deals. The kiddos were great, too. We just stopped periodically to feed the boys. I used the Moby some for Jack, but I also used my stroller as a double, and it worked out great! Jack liked riding and looking around.

He also really enjoyed kicking his sister in the back when I sat him up:

Josie didn’t really mind-I would have made him stop if she did ;P. 

Sweet Jude

Wednesday evening some MAJOR storms rolled through-we watched some clouds that could have dropped a tornado at any time roll past our motel. We were so blessed that they did not! In between the storms, we headed to Gatlinburg to eat at a steak house-yum. It stormed pretty much all night, and even hailed with one of the storms that came through. No significant damage where we were, though.

On Thursday morning, Mel, Jude, me and the kiddos found the Pigeon Forge community park so that we could take a walk. They had a nice path, so we walked about a mile and a half and let Josie play on the playground. 

Then I took her to story time at their library. It was an AWESOME story time-the librarian was great! She really enjoyed herself. 

After we left the library we went to lunch at TGI Friday’s, then headed back to the outlet malls for some more shopping before the guys got done. 

I can fit 3 carseats in my backseat!!

After the guys got off work on Thursday, we all headed to then indoor pool to swim! Josie was so  excited! It took her awhile to warm up to wanting to swim by herself, or to let go of the side, but after her Daddy played with her for awhile, she got comfortable with the water again. By the end of the evening, she was swimming all over the pool and jumping off the side! 

This was Jude’s first time in the pool….

And Jack’s, too-

He wasn’t too sure about it at first, but then he decided he liked it. 

The boys loved kicking at each other….

After swimming we got dressed and went to the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant at the Apple Barn. It was SO.GOOD. They give you a TON of food. I had the best dumplings I have ever tasted in my life:

Friday was the guys last day of work, and they only had to work until about noon. We had decided to stay an extra night, and went ahead and just booked the same room we were in so we didn’t have to move all our stuff. Nick and Mel had decided to stay, too, but they were moving to a hotel in Gatlinburg. So after the boys finished working, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I am SO glad they got to come-I had such a fun time hanging out with Mel, and Josie cried when they left! She loves all of them.

The boys-they are going to be such great friends!

I had them snap a shot of all four of us before they left….

and then I returned the favor for them…

Smiling at Daddy….


After they left, Jake, Josie, Jack, and I all headed to lunch at Big Daddy’s Pizzeria (yum). Then we headed back into Gatlinburg to take Josie to the aquarium. She really liked it-she said the penguins were her favorite :). They have a really neat tunnel, where you stand on a moving walkway and it slowly moves you through-pretty cool-it makes you feel like you are underwater! 

After we left the aquarium we headed up the mountains to Cade’s Cove-I had never been. We hoped we would see some bears-no bears, but the views were beautiful! 

Saturday we had already planned on going slow and taking our time getting home. We started off the morning by eating breakfast at the Applewood restaurant again-breakfast was as good as dinner! I think that is my new favorite restaurant…..

Jack really likes this bunny lovey now-he likes it right against his face. 

Miss Hollywood….

On our way out we stopped at Smokey Mountain Knife Works and the Coleman outlet store-Jake was able to get a new lifejacket for really cheap! Then we hit the interstate back at home. We stopped at some antique places on the way back, and went to Taco Bell (for Josie!) for lunch. We made one last stop in Lebanon, at the outlet malls so Josie could stretch her legs and Jack could get out of his carseat for awhile. 

Then we hit the road to our house, and were able to get home before dark. It was a great trip-I am so glad that I decided to go along with the kiddos-much better than sitting at home! Jake and I both want to go back in a couple of years when Josie is older and Jake doesn’t  have to work.

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