Link for Life

This morning Josie, Jack, and I went to the Link for Life 5K. It was to benefit a little 7 month old boy who just had a liver transplant (and the living donor was his mom!). I had originally just planned to walk with my mom, Shshr, Ta, and Lesa, but when I got there I was really itching to run. I hadn’t run a whole 3 miles since before pregnancy and bedrest, but I really  was ready to try. So Mom wore Jack in the Moby for me so I could run it with Daddy and Chad. I was SO proud of myself-I ran almost the entire thing, except for the killer hill towards the end (and I ran a little bit of the hill, just not the whole thing!). My final time was 35 ½ minutes, which I was very happy with it! Even when I am in my best shape, my best times are only around 28 minutes-so 35 is not too shabby! I am so glad I am getting back in shape :). 

Jack and Grammy 🙂

Josie was so excited that all of her “tids” were there!

I didn’t realize until I got done that I ran the entire race in my glasses! 

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