Random Thoughts

-Saturday Jake took me to get a new bicycle as an early birthday present! It is awesome, and now I can finally keep up with him :). Saturday I rode about a half mile (it was cold!), and Sunday Jake and I both rode about 3 miles together. 

-Yesterday we went for a walk with Nana and Grammy at Ridgetop Station park-they have a really nice path. We walked about 2 miles, and then Mom and I jogged a little over a mile. I am so glad to be (slowly) getting back into shape. 

-Jack is back on his trend of waking up 5-7 times a night-bleh. He also will NOT sleep more than 30 minutes at time during the day, no matter what I do. Unless we are out and about and he is in the car seat, that it. He really likes to be out and going places. 

-He discovered the T.V. this week. He also wants to be sitting up like  a big boy a LOT, and he is much more alert. He is also staying awake for much longer periods of a time now. He is still eating every two hours or less. He does do one 4-5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night, though. (Unfortunately, not when I can be sleeping….)

-Yesterday we went to see Uncle Bill’s new baby colt-it is SO cute! Casey also has a new baby pig that is awesome-and SO.LOUD. 

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