34 months

Yes, I know, this post is 3 days overdue. But typing blog posts that are longer than what I can do with one hand on my phone are hard when I have a 2 month old who thinks it is his duty to try to gain a whole pound in 2 days. 😛

Anyways, here goes:


You are getting so big!! My baby  has totally been replaced by this little girl who loves to play dress up, take care of your babies and barbies, and sing and dance along with some kid music all day long. 

Here’s what you have been up to this month:

-We went to the zoo with Aunt Christie and your “tids.” You loved every minute of it-you said your favorite part was the baby giraffe.

-You were sick for about 24 hours-you ran a fever and had a horribly runny nose. The fever only lasted about 8 hours; the runny nose lasted about 2 weeks! 

-You got to help give Jack a bottle-and you loved every minute of it. You are becoming a great big sister-you are interested in Jack now, and you like to talk to him and play with him. He always smiles for you-he loves his big sister! You still call him “Little Fella” and insist that everyone else call him that, too.

-You watched your soon-to-be uncle Kyle get baptized-and it scared you to death! Your Daddy, you, and I had a talk about it, though, and now you understand why he needed to be dunked under the water :). You said you don’t want to be baptized right now, though. We told you that was just fine, we would talk about it again when you got older :)! I never imagined I would be having this kind of conversation with my two year old…

-You had a play date with Abby. Ya’ll had a blast having tea parties and pretending to go on trips. Ya’ll were both sad when it was time for Abby to leave. 

-We visited Mee-Maw at her work.

-You got to try fruit tea at Nana’s for the first time-you loved it!

-We went camping at Defeated Creek in our new camper. You had a blast playing with your “tids” in the sand, fishing with Pappy, playing with Greyson, dyeing Easter eggs, and learning to pedal your bike all by yourself. 

-Mommy let you play in a restaurant (Chick-fil-A) play place for the first time. You loved it, but wouldn’t go past the first level. No stairs for you!

-We watched The Lion King as a family for the first time-you really liked it! 

-One of your favorite things to say right now is, “That’s going to be so amazing!” You make the word “amazing” have about 5 syllables, though!

-Right now, some of the foods and drinks you love are: peanut butter sandwiches, pretzels, spaghetti, ice cream, raw carrots, grapes, soft tacos, chili, puffs, any kind of cereal (dry or with milk), strawberries, MILK,  and drinkable yogurt.

-You talk ALL.THE.TIME,  and you won’t say anything to me without saying “Mommy” at least twice at the beginning. One of your “famous” sayings is “I not know.” You also pretend all day long-you never leave the house without a stuffed animal or a baby, and you talk on your “phone” constantly. You still love books, and would be perfectly happy to sit on the couch for 2 hours straight if someone was reading to you. 

-We add things to your birthday list daily. Right now at the top of your list is probably a slinky dog. Among other things: a pair of goggles, a pink Barbie, pink sparkly princess shoes, a pink stuffed dog (are we seeing a trend here?), a train table, etc. Whenever we are out and you see something you would like to have, we just put it on your list :). 

Baby girl, I love you, and I love every minute of watching you change and grow into a beautiful little girl. 



Just for kicks, here are some pictures:

This is last Easter:

And this year, same dress:

Last year:

This year:

It is AMAZING how much you have grown and changed in just one year!!!

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