2 months old!

Dear Jack,

I can’t believe you are already 2 months old! I was telling your Grammy today that I cannot believe you are already so old, but yet it seems like you have always been here with us-I can hardly remember what it was like to have just one child :).

Here’s what you have been up to this month:

-You went to the park for the first time (Moss Wright)

-You learned to sit in your Bumbo chair-you like it if you are already happy.

-You had SEVERAL growth spurts-you topped out at eating 20 times in one day! But you also got on a pretty good schedule of eating every 2-3 hours on days when you are not trying to grow a pound in one day.

-You had your 1st bottle-from Daddy, your second bottle from Daddy and Josie, and your third from Grammy. You eat like a champ from a bottle!

-You went to the mall for the first time with Mommy, Grammy, and Josie.

-You visited your Mee-Maw’s house AND work for the first time.

-You celebrated your first St. Patrick’s day by wearing green and going to the zoo with Mommy, Josie, Aunt Christie and the kids.

-You gave your first intentional smile to your Daddy while we were at church-and you have kept it up ever since-you have the sweetest dimples.

-We transitioned you to your crib in your room for sleeping, and you decided you liked it better than the pack and play!. You also decided that you DO like to be swaddled-bit only at night.

-You had a weight check at 6 weeks-you were 8 lbs, 10 oz.

-Nana came over and watched you inside the house while Mommy went outside to mow.

-You went on your very first camping trip to Defeated Creek. You loved being outside and sleeping in the camper in your Moses basket. You slept great-you had your first 7 hour stretch of sleep while we were camping!

-You are learning how to coo-right now it still surprises you when noise actually comes out. You are trying really hard to laugh, too. I love to hear your voice-it is the sweetest thing!

-You are still in mostly newborn clothes; you have just a few things that are 0-3 months that fit; you have only actually outgrown about 2 articles of clothing. You are still in size one diapers, too.

-You really like any kind of white noise-heaters, fans, air conditioners. You love to lay on your changing table and look around; you like lights of any kind. You also really like the ceiling fan in our room.

-You still are not a big fan of carseats or baths-but you tolerate them a little better now.

-You are learning to love your sister-you almost always smile at her when she talks to you.

Little boy, you are changing and growing so much! I would love to just keep you little forever, but I am so very excited to see you grow and learn, too :).



P.S. Your 2 month doctor’s appointment is on Friday, so I will post some updated stats then.

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