Spring trip

We just got back from our first official camping trip of the season, and Jack’s first official camping trip ever! It was SUCH an awesome weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, the kids did great, and our new camper was perfect. We went to Defeated Creek on Cordell Hull Lake, just like we do every April. There were lots of people there with us-my parents, my brother and his wife, my sister and her fiancee, Nana and Shshr, Uncle Andy and his family, the Slates, the Claytors, the Williams, the Smiths (all of them!), the Overstreets, the Harrises, the Wingos, and I think I am leaving someone else out….Mommy brain! 

Jack did SO good-he loves being outside! We were worried about how he would sleep at night, but he slept better than he ever has before! I think he really liked the noise that the air conditioner made. The first night he only woke up twice, and slept until 7, and last night he only woke up once-and not until 4:00! He slept for a SEVEN hour stretch!! Woo hoo!! I only hope the trend continues tonight….

Josie had a blast, too-she absolutely loves camping. She had a blast playing with her “tids” in the sand, watching movies with her cousins, dyeing Easter eggs, learning to pedal her bike all by herself, and fishing with her Pappy. She was so sad to come home-she cried when she woke up and realized we were in our driveway! But we promised her we would be camping again very soon :). 

Jake and I even had our very first “date” since Jack was born-this morning, Mom watched Josie and Jack so Jake and I could go play tennis with Chad and Lesa :). Jack slept the whole time. 🙂

Of course, pictures always tell it better than me:

Josie and Isabelle blowing bubbles

Our new camper

Josie pedaling her bike-ALL BY HERSELF!

Mom and Jack

The Overstreets

Playing in the sand with all of her “tids”

Boone and Owen

Mrs. Elaine, doing what she does best 🙂

Boone, being silly


Shshr and Ella, looking for four leaf clovers

They found 20!

Josie with her “tousins”

Josie and Pappy

Sitting with Daddy

Going fishing! Josie really just observed this time-she wasn’t into holding the pole 🙂

Jack, loving being outside

Alec and Wyatt

Jack and his future girlfriend, Sircy-she is only 1 week younger than him :). They laid in this chair forever together-Jack was more calm when he was right beside her than any other time all weekend! 🙂

He decided to taste….

Then she decided to taste…

Josie with her Easter eggs-thanks, Becca!

Jack with Shshr

Jake caught two humongous fish!


Jack slept in a Moses basket on the booth 🙂

Shshr walking by the lake with Jack and Josie

Chad and Josie 

Lesa and Jack

Right before we came home-she was WORN out!

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