Sleep is a glorious thing….

….especially when you are lacking it!! To give you the story straight: Jack has NOT been sleeping well. At all. For like the past week and half or so, he has been waking up at 1 a.m. and pretty much not sleeping at all past that-he will want to eat every hour, or he will eat and then just stay awake forever, or he will only sleep if I am holding him, etc. He always goes to sleep just fine, and sleeps for a good 4 hour stretch-but that doesn’t mean I  get to sleep for those 4 hours-I need that time to pump, finish cleaning dinner up, and just have some me time. So, needless to say, I have been tired.  Monday I was at my breaking point-I was at the “not functioning” well stage of being tired. Not a good thing. But then-last night- HE SLEPT!!! HE ONLY WOKE UP TWICE TO EAT AND WENT RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP!!! Plus, I went to bed at 9:30 last night, pretty much right when he did-I skipped pumping, skipped my “me” time, because I definitely needed the sleep worse. And he didn’t wake up until 2:20 for the first time to eat-so I got a 4 ½ hour stretch-it was awesome. Today was SUCH a better day, just because I was finally well rested. I felt like I was a better Mommy to Josie today, too-I wasn’t so grumpy, and I had MUCH more patience. Plus, Jack was much happier and pleasant than he has been in many days. He felt better, too! Sleep really is a glorious thing!

So our recipe for success was this last night: I gave him a bath, lotioned him, put pjs on, swaddled him (yes, he finally, after many many attempts, has decided to like the swaddle, and we are SO glad), fed him, and put him in the crib. I normally don’t give him baths at night; I have always preferred to do it in the morning. But buddy, tonight, you better believe I did the exact same thing- bath, lotion, pjs, swaddle, feed, put him in his crib (awake, turned the fish mobile on, and he went right to sleep, without a peep). Now, I don’t know if it will work, but hopefully it will! I won’t declare it a successful “recipe” however, until a few nights of it working at least. We shall see….

And just because she’s cute:

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