Weird night

Tonight has been a very weird night… Josie fell asleep on our way home from Wyatt’s birthday party. The problem was, it was already 5:00…so we laid her in our bed, just thinking she would sleep for a couple of hours at the most. I REALLY wanted a nap, too, but Jack totally had different ideas. He finally fell asleep, and let me put him down about 7:00. I laid down on the couch with Jake, thinking Josie would be awake anytime and we could eat dinner. Well, Jake finally woke both of us up…at 9:15!! So, we ate a small snacky type dinner, and now I am letting Josie watch a movie (The Lion King for the first time) before I put her back to bed. What a weird night! Hopefully her schedule won’t be totally thrown off…

Just as a sidenote: my nap was really awesome, even if it was late! I will take sleep when I can get it these days!

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