Exercise day 4

I just completed my first jog since May, and it felt AWESOME!! I “left” Jack at Nana’s with Nana, Shshr and Mom and Dad for about 15 min so Josie and I could take a jog down Nana’s road. O couldn’t leave Josie, because she LOVES to ride in my jogging stroller, and she had really been missing it. 🙂 so my stats were: 1 mile in 13:46 min. Not bad since this was my first jog since May, and I was on bedrest for a good portion of that time! Plus, I only walked about one tenth of that entire mile! Now, just to highlight how OUT of shape I am: in May I was running 3 miles, no walking at all, in 28 min :(. I sure hope I can build back up to that quickly!!

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