Just some random things:
-Josie figured out how to open the childproof top on her vitamins this morning. Gotta make sure ALL the meds are on a very high shelf out of her reach!!
-I completed my first solo trip to Walmart with BOTH kiddos today-and it went great!
-After my outing today, I am convinced that there are still very good people in the world. The lady at Taco Bell brought our food to the table so I wouldn’t have to haul both kiddos back up there. A lady that was behind me in Walmart helped me put all my stuff on the check out counter. One of the gentlemen that works at Walmart saw me in the parking lot unloading my stuff, and offered to unload so I could get the kiddos out of the cold.
-After typing the last point, now I am wondering if I just appear to be a totally inept parent when we are in public? Or maybe all those people have had kids before?? Either way, I still appreciated the help! (even if I was doing just fine by myself) 🙂

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