The weekend

Warning: this is a long, rambly post about our semi-boring weekend, so I totally will understand if you would rather skip it :). 

We had an incredibly busy weekend around here. 

On Thursday, since it was supposed to be the nicest day for awhile, Jack, Josie and I went outside for most of the day and picked up the MASSIVE amounts of sticks we have in our yard. It  was a beautiful day (until it started raining/storming in the afternoon!)

Jack, all bundled up against the wind

Sleeping in the bouncy…

Josie absolutely loves being outside!

On Friday morning, Jack had his (wonderful!) 6 week appointment with Dr. E. Of course, he did gain weight-yay!!! Nana went with us, so after we left the doctor, we ran a couple of errands and then Nana treated us all to Mimi’s cafe-YUM, and thanks Nana!!

Jack, at 6 weeks old: 

At the doctor ( I love this shirt, because I always call him “monster” anyways! 

Josie at Mimi’s, eating her “minnie mouse” pancakes

Friday evening we met Jake at his work so we could go and look at our camper-it was in Smyrna. We of course, fell in love, and were determined to go back the next  day and get it! After we left Smyrna, we headed down to Brentwood to see some good friends of ours, Nick and Melanie,  for dinner. 

We went to Pei Wei, and it was SO good, albeit a little hard to fit 4 adults, 2 car seats, and a high chair at one of their little booths-but we made it work :).

Jack and Jude (they are just one month apart, but Jude is BIG for his age, and Jack is LITTLE for his age-so it makes them look a lot farther than they are!)

On Saturday we got up early, got ready, and went to pick up our camper! We were ALL so excited!!! We picked it up without a problem, and then we headed back over to 
Brentwood to shop at REI, because we had some coupons that we didn’t want to expire.

While we were in the store, it started to POUR rain. This wouldn’t have been a great big deal….except we had parked a couple of parking lots over, to make sure we had plenty of room for the camper! So, we decided to make a dash for it. Jake picked up Josie and ran-with Josie laughing all the way-she thought it was the best thing ever! I had Jack in the Moby, so I just zipped up my jacked over him, and he stayed toasty warm and dry. After we left REI, we headed on home, and spent the rest of the evening playing in our camper! We even ate dinner in there, at the request of Josie :). 

This morning we went to church, and then spent the rest of the day putting all of our stuff in the camper, getting it ready to camp in comfortably :). We feel so blessed to have such a nice camper. Now Josie is at Mom’s and Dad’s, spending the night for the night :). 

I forgot to take pics of the camper today, but I did get this quick snapshot of the inside last night:

I will post pics soon, I promise!

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